Spring 2011



Due in large part to the success of the Syme Rain Garden, in the fall of 2010 the LAR department received a new grant to design and build additional low-impact installations elsewhere on campus, this time from the NCSU Housing Department.  During the spring semester, 2011, a group of undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture students researched and prepared conceptual designs for several potential sites.  The final selection, “The Artists’ Backyard and Owens Refuge” is located between the Owens and Turlington Residence Halls and is so named because of the designation of Turlington as the “arts” residence on campus.   The concept focuses on the ability of a semi-private outdoor space to responsibly manage stormwater runnoff while simultaneously providing a livable and inviting social space for student housed in the adjacent buildings.


Student Participants:

Jon Blasco, Martha Eberle, Tipton Fowlkes, Thomas Gull, Katie Hamilton, Jacqui Harris, Melissa Martin, Clint Moore, Emmanuel Price, Kyle Stalls, Emily Struthers, Mike Walters, Antony Wambui, Zhuowei Wang

Teaching Assistant:

Leslie Morefield – MLA, Student ASLA


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